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What You Need To Do After Getting Your Singapore PR Approval

What You Need To Do After Getting Your Singapore PR Approval

Have you received your In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter in your mailbox? In that case, congratulations are in order! Your Permanent Resident (PR) application is finally approved. While you are undoubtedly keen to celebrate this occasion, there remains a few actions you need to undertake before becoming a full-fledged Singapore PR. Read on to learn what you need to do after receiving your IPA letter.

Step 1: Schedule a medical examination

Schedule a medical examination-PR application in Singapore

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) requires all successful Singapore PR applicants to undergo a mandatory medical checkup. You may visit any licensed medical clinic in Singapore that offers PR medical checkups.

Remember to bring along your IPA letter and the medical form attached to the IPA package for the medical examination. It usually takes around two weeks to receive the medical report/certificate. However, please note that this is subject to the clinic you visit. As a result, the timeline may vary. We recommend checking with the clinic beforehand.

Step 2: Get the necessary health insurance

Get the necessary health insurance-PR application in Singapore

Healthcare subsidy is likely one of your primary reasons for becoming a Singapore PR. Now that your PR application is approved, you need to get your health insurance sorted out, as all Singapore PR must register for insurance with MediShield Life.

If you are unfamiliar with MediShield Life, let us clarify further. It is a basic national health insurance that offers universal coverage to every Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident. Your dependent(s) can also be covered with MediShield Life. As such, you can offset specific high medical expenses for you or your family members under this scheme. 

Please note that if you are a new Singapore PR status holder above 30 years old, you must purchase the CareShield Life medical plan too.

Step 3: Gather your mandatory verification documents

Gather your mandatory verification documents-PR application in Singapore

Upon receiving your medical report and healthcare insurance documents, you will need to schedule an appointment with an ICA officer to review the necessary paperwork. You will receive a checklist of documents required for verification in your IPA letter to ensure you do not neglect any vital paperwork. The list of documents should be similar to the documents required for your Singapore PR application. 

Do note that your IPA letter is only valid for two months from the stated date of issue. As such, we recommend getting your medical report and health insurance sorted out as quickly as possible once you receive your IPA letter. It also helps to prepare the necessary documents and organise them neatly in a folder before your in-person appointment with the ICA officer.

Step 4: Book your ICA appointment

Book your ICA appointment-PR application in Singapore

Once you have everything sorted, it is time to book your in-person appointment with an ICA officer. You can expect the verification process to take around an hour. After the verification process is completed, you will receive the following items:

  • A temporary identity receipt
  • A collection slip for your Singapore PR identity card
  • An entry permit
  • A Re-Entry Permit (REP)
  • The Singapore History brochure

These documents will all be given on the same day. However, you must schedule another appointment with ICA to collect your official identity card. Congratulations! You can officially declare yourself a Singapore PR after patiently waiting on your PR application.

What happens if you require an extension? 

What happens if you cannot complete the necessary procedures before the deadline? After all, you only have a two months grace period before your IPA letter expires, and you do not want to compromise your PR application. Well, rest assured that you can write a letter to ICA to explain and request an extension of the deadline, provided you have a valid reason.

Please note that the IPA letter is only an indication of your Singapore PR application approval and does not imply that you are an official PR. Therefore, it is essential that you comply with the aforementioned requirements to avoid jeopardising your PR approval. If you require any assistance in the matter, do not hesitate to contact Singapore Immigration Partners. Our team will be glad to help you accomplish your Singaporean dream! 

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