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Trusted PR Application Agency in Singapore

As a vibrant nation renowned for its diverse culture, robust economic opportunities, and high quality of life, it is unsurprising that Singapore has long been a magnet for individuals and families seeking a new home.

However, with stringent permanent resident (PR) application criteria, navigating the immigration process can seem like a daunting task for those aspiring to make this dynamic city-state their permanent residence. Fortunately, our team at Singapore Immigration Partners can help with the arduous process.

Personalised Permanent Resident Application Services

At our agency, we understand that each individual and family is unique, and so are their dreams and aspirations. Our dedicated team of immigration specialists is committed to providing personalised PR application services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are an ambitious professional, a talented entrepreneur, or a family looking for stability and growth, we have the expertise to streamline your journey to becoming a Singapore PR.

Seamless Permanent Resident Application for Individuals And Families Alike

Whether you are an individual or a family applying for Singapore PR, our agency can offer comprehensive support throughout the entire application process. From document preparation to submission and follow-ups, we ensure that your online application stands out. Our team will guide you through the intricacies of the eligibility criteria, helping you present your case and contributions to Singapore in the best light. With our assistance, you can navigate your path to permanent residency with ease and confidence.

Expert Permanent Resident Application Appeals

Having your application for PR rejected can be disheartening. However, rest assured that our agency stands by you even in the face of challenges. We specialise in PR application appeals. Our experienced consultants will meticulously analyse the reasons for the rejection and advise you on the appropriate actions to undertake.

Our team can help strategise your appeal and craft a compelling case to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) if we believe there is a strong chance of success. With our expertise, many individuals and families have successfully turned rejections into approvals, realising their dreams of becoming Singapore PRs.

Where Are You in Your PR Application Journey?

Getting your Singapore PR approved on the first attempt is very crucial. As ICA keep records for every unsuccessful application, you need to do it once and do it right.

It is best to compare between you doing the application yourself or engaging us to help you on your PR application.

We will advise you on the right strategies and things that you need to do to get your Singapore PR approved on the first attempt.

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PR got rejected again?! It is definitely very frustrating indeed just when you thought that you have submitted all the required mandatory documents and still it results in rejection.

Come to us with your rejection letter. So that we can advise and help you to find out what could have gone wrong. We will suggest you on the required improvements, rectifications and how can you stand out for a higher chance.

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“Should I apply my PR now or should I wait for few more years to submit an application?”

If your next 2-5 years plan is going to be in Singapore, it is definitely advisable to apply your Singapore PR now. As not only it will help to stabilize your career and better future opportunities, but also financially, you will save a big chunk of your expenses.

Talk to us and we can advise you the benefits of getting a Singapore PR.

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What Profile Are You?

Are you husband and wife planning to apply for Singapore PR?

  • Settle down here to make Singapore your Home.
  • Live in Singapore for better career opportunities and prospects.
  • Purchase property here with lower ABSD.
  • Plan to start your family by obtaining a PR first.
  • Bring your family members here on a Long-Term Visit Pass

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Are you a family with child/children planning to apply for Singapore PR?

  • Priority of your child/children’s education.
  • Priority of your child/children’s safety and security here.
  • Excluding your child/children for various reasons.
  • Stable job and better career advancement.
  • Purchase property here with lower ABSD.
  • Settle down here to make Singapore your Home.
  • Bring your other family members here on a Long-Term Visit Pass

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Are you a single working professional planning to apply for Singapore PR?

  • Live in Singapore for better career opportunities and prospects.
  • Settle down here to make Singapore your Home.
  • Bring your family members here on a Long-Term Visit Pass

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Why Singapore PR Is In High Demand

As the leading financial hub in Southeast Asia and one of the safest countries to live globally, Singapore has long been a top choice for many expatriates looking to settle down in a foreign land. The high demand for Singapore PR is apparent in the number of PR applications the ICA receives annually.

A few hundred thousand foreigners apply for Singapore PR annually, but only approximately 30,000 PR applications are approved. Furthermore, with tighter immigration controls, securing Singapore PR is now much harder than it used to be. Therefore, it is imperative to work with a reliable, experienced PR application agency like Singapore Immigration Partners to improve your chances of success.

Why Work With Us

Who is Eligible for PR in Singapore?

Are you considering applying for Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore? Look no further! We offer a streamlined PR application process for individuals seeking PR in Singapore. With our user-friendly online platform, you can easily apply for PR in Singapore online, making the process more convenient and efficient. Our team of seasoned professionals will provide comprehensive support throughout the entire PR application process, ensuring that your submission for Permanent Residency in Singapore is precise, thorough, and fully compliant with the necessary prerequisites. Don't miss out on the opportunity to establish your future in Singapore - apply for PR in Singapore today!

How We Help You Achieve Singapore PR Status


Professional Advice by our Immigration Experts

Singapore Immigration Partners is a PR application agency unlike any other. We don’t rely on marketing and advertising publicity stunts like 96% or 98% success rate to get clients drawn to us. Instead, we endeavour and strive to build significant trust and confidence in our clients with our unparalleled bespoke professional services. We believe real business and partnership is built with the pillars of experience and integrity. We will guide you towards a clear understanding of ICA’s vetting process through consultations and walk you through the path of a higher approval success when you apply PR in Singapore.


e-PR System

Our agency is always up to date with the latest development and policies being implemented by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority to ensure a high chance of approval for our clients. As the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority recently shifted to online PR application, our team had trained and studied the process to thoroughly assist our clients with the new policies. SIP will effectively guide you end to end from preparing the necessary documents to submitting them correctly and error free to ICA’s e-PR System. We will advise you of the latest steps that you will need to get yourself prepared for ICA’s new implementation of PR submission - e-PR System.


ICA Guidelines & Considering factors

Due to the volume of applications submitted received by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority every day, every application for permanent residence is thoroughly screened to ensure that only the deserving applicants will gain approval. ICA takes into account factors such as an Individual’s Family ties to Singapore, Family Profile, Social & Economic Contributions, Qualifications and Age to assess the applicant’s ability to integrate into our society and as well as his or her commitment to sink their roots here. At Singapore Immigration Partners, we work along with this framework and fine-tune your profile according to the needs of immigration policy as you apply for PR in Singapore.


Key Additional Documents

When you apply for PR, it will help to keep in mind that there are a lot of applicants with a better profile, higher salary or much younger than you. With the many PR applications that ICA receives on a daily basis, what’s the chance you’ll get an approval? The key is to stand out and convince ICA to approve your application over the others. At Singapore Immigration Partners, we will assist & guide you through the entire process of preparing additional documents to make your application notable. We are generous in giving insight and advice to make your PR application look more convincing.


Customized Cover Letter

As there is no interview session for the application for Singapore permanent residence, the ICA controller will assess your application based solely on the documents that you submit through their e-PR System. However, it may be insufficient as there are a huge number of diverse applicants who apply for PR just like you. This is where a good PR application cover letter works. At Singapore Immigration Partners, we will tailor-make your immigration cover letter to explain how you can contribute to Singapore with your unique strengths, cultural awareness, ability to assimilate into Singapore's multi-cultural and multi-linguistic society during your stay here.

Tips and Guides for PR Approval:

Be a Permanent Resident in Singapore

Check Our Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about Singapore PR Application

After applying for Singapore PR online and submitting the relevant documents, you can expect to wait around four to six months for the outcome of your PR application. Please note that the process can take longer than six months as each case is different.

Given the stringent PR requirements, it can be challenging for an applicant to obtain approval, especially when there is plenty of competition for the coveted PR status. Moreover, Singapore does not utilise a points-based immigration system like Australia. As such, it can be challenging for applicants to identify the cause of success or failure for their PR applications.

We recommend speaking with our immigration consultants who can evaluate your profile and advise you accordingly. For more information on the dos and don’ts of applying for Singapore PR and how to improve your approval chances, you can check out our articles on the following subjects here and here, respectively.

Yes, you can continue to stay in Singapore without a job in hand if you are a Singapore PR. However, please note that the validity period of your re-entry permit (REP) is 5 years. When it is time to renew your REP, the ICA will conduct a new assessment of your profile and part of the renewal criteria depends on the type of scheme you got your PR through.

So, if you receive your Singapore PR through an employment scheme, like the Professional, Technical Personnel, and Skilled Workers (PTS) scheme, you must work at a Singapore-registered entity during the renewal period to ensure your renewal is approved.

Male applicants who acquire their PR status through the PTS scheme do not need to enrol in full-time National Service. As a first-generation Singapore PR, you do not need to enlist for NS. However, second-generation male PRs (like your son) must enlist for military service upon reaching 18 years old.

Male applicants who are granted Singapore PR through the Foreign Student scheme or under their parent’s sponsorship are required to register for NS upon reaching 16 years old. Subsequently, they will be scheduled for enlistment at the earliest opportunity upon reaching 18 years old.

Once your PR application is approved, you will receive a notification letter (IPA) from the ICA. The letter will list out the procedures you must complete to acquire the PR status.