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At our agency, we understand that each individual and family is unique, and so are their dreams and aspirations. Our dedicated team of immigration specialists is committed to providing personalised PR application services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are an ambitious professional, a talented entrepreneur, or a family looking for stability and growth, we have the expertise to streamline your journey to becoming a Singapore PR.

Whether you are an individual or a family applying for Singapore PR, our agency can offer comprehensive support throughout the entire application process. From document preparation to submission and follow-ups, we ensure that your online application stands out. Our team will guide you through the intricacies of the eligibility criteria, helping you present your case and contributions to Singapore in the best light. With our assistance, you can navigate your path to permanent residency with ease and confidence.

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At Singapore Immigration Partners, our professional responsibility consists of a high level of personalised, confidential and result oriented service.
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Professional Advice by our Immigration Experts
Singapore Immigration Partners is a PR application agency unlike any other. We don’t rely on marketing and advertising publicity stunts like 96% or 98% success rate to get clients drawn to us. Instead, we endeavour and strive to build significant trust and confidence in our clients with our unparalleled bespoke professional services. We believe real business and partnership is built with the pillars of experience and integrity. We will guide you towards a clear understanding of ICA’s vetting process through consultations and walk you through the path of a higher approval success when you apply PR in Singapore.
e-PR System
Our agency is always up to date with the latest development and policies being implemented by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority to ensure a high chance of approval for our clients. As the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority shifted to online PR application, our team had trained and studied the process to thoroughly assist our clients with the new policies. SIP will effectively guide you end to end from preparing the necessary documents to submitting them correctly and error free to ICA’s e-PR System. We will advise you of the latest steps that you will need to get yourself prepared for ICA’s new implementation of PR submission - e-PR System.
ICA Guidelines & Considering factors
Due to the volume of applications submitted received by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority every day, every application for permanent residence is thoroughly screened to ensure that only the deserving applicants will gain approval. ICA takes into account factors such as an Individual’s Family ties to Singapore, Family Profile, Social & Economic Contributions, Qualifications and Age to assess the applicant’s ability to integrate into our society and as well as his or her commitment to sink their roots here. At Singapore Immigration Partners, we work along with this framework and fine-tune your profile according to the needs of immigration policy as you apply for PR in Singapore.
Key Additional Documents
When you apply for PR, it will help to keep in mind that there are a lot of applicants with a better profile, higher salary or much younger than you. With the many PR applications that ICA receives on a daily basis, what’s the chance you’ll get an approval? The key is to stand out and convince ICA to approve your application over the others. At Singapore Immigration Partners, we will assist & guide you through the entire process of preparing additional documents to make your application notable. We are generous in giving insight and advice to make your PR application look more convincing.
Customized Cover Letter
As there is no interview session for the application for Singapore permanent residence, the ICA controller will assess your application based solely on the documents that you submit through their e-PR System. However, it may be insufficient as there are a huge number of diverse applicants who apply for PR just like you. This is where a good PR application cover letter works. At Singapore Immigration Partners, we will tailor-make your immigration cover letter to explain how you can contribute to Singapore with your unique strengths, cultural awareness, ability to assimilate into Singapore's multi-cultural and multi-linguistic society during your stay here.
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