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Should You Appeal Your Rejection Or Reapply For Singapore PR?

Should You Appeal Your Rejection Or Reapply For Singapore PR

Did you receive a rejection letter for your Singapore PR application? Well, that is unfortunate news. During this situation, you have two choices available. The first option is to appeal your PR rejection within 6 months of the refusal date. The alternative is to reapply for Singapore PR after the 6 months cooldown period.

So what is your best option when faced with this dilemma? While it is tempting to consider an appeal immediately, this might not always be the most suitable choice. A PR appeal should not be taken lightly, as a haphazard appeal effort may impact your chances of becoming a Singapore PR.

In fact, you might find that it is more beneficial to wait until your circumstances improve (i.e. receiving a promotion or pay increment) before reapplying for Singapore PR. But this is not to say the latter option is always better. To help you resolve this conundrum, let us share which route is more suitable for you in your current state.

When should you appeal your PR rejection?

When should you appeal your PR rejection-PR application Singapore

In your eagerness to secure your PR status, you might feel that a PR appeal is the better option for you. However, before you scramble to draft your appeal letter, we recommend reviewing your profile to determine if you qualify for an appeal to avoid wasting your time.

At the end of the day, this approach is intended for two specific groups of applicants. Therefore, you must ensure you fulfil either criterion:

1. Your circumstances have changed significantly since your initial application. You have omitted a significant contribution or accomplishment in your original PR application.

However, this does not mean you will be guaranteed approval even if your situation changes within 6 months of receiving your rejection letter. Many appeal cases have been similarly rejected because the applicant’s new circumstances were not significant enough to warrant reconsideration.

Let us share a simple rule of thumb to help you determine your appeal chances. Note down the things or events that are different since your initial application. Do any of these changes indicate you have a vested interest in staying in Singapore long-term? If the answer is no, you are better off biding your time and buffing your profile for future applications.

When should you reapply for Singapore PR?

When should you reapply for Singapore PR-PR Appeal Singapore

As the proverb goes: good things come to those who wait. While your eagerness to appeal your case is understandable, you may find that reapplying for PR after the 6 months cooling period is more effective. Since there is no time limit on your reapplication, you have more time to improve your credentials and prepare a solid application profile. You will also find that it is a less stressful experience than a PR appeal.

Similarly, you should not expect immediate approval upon reapplication, especially if there are little to no changes to your circumstances. Remember, only around 30,000 expats are granted PR status each year over the recent years. So you definitely face stiff competition.

You should review your application and ensure there is a significant change in your life before reapplying. If you are unsure of how to proceed, check out our article on the subject. We also recommend speaking to an immigration consultant who can review your PR application and advise you on areas for improvement.

Improve your chances of a successful PR application with our help!

Regardless of your decision, you should consider consulting our reliable PR specialist beforehand. When you apply for Singapore PR with us, our consultants will analyse your profile and provide a realistic evaluation of your success. Subsequently, we can guide you on the suggested steps to follow to enhance your chances.

If an appeal is recommended, we can share the PR appeal letter format with you to ensure every document is in order and you stand a better chance of appealing your case successfully. So apply for Singapore PR with our PR application agency today! Do not hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help you.

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