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ICA assesses each and every application holistically. So, what exactly are they looking for?

The office of Immigration and Checkpoint Authority receives thousands of applications for Singapore PR every day. However, with the many applicants that are eager to receive a nod from the ICA, only a few will become permanent residents per year. This is because the ICA is doing their best to screen the applicants properly and ensure that only the deserving will get approved. Thus, you do not need to worry if you received a rejection once or twice. The right thing to do is reassess your Singapore PR requirements. Getting the help of a reliable immigration partner can help you immensely.

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Are you one of the aspirants? Then you landed on the right page! We will help you through the process of your application from knowing the Singapore permanent resident eligibility, to drafting the most appropriate cover letter and finally, helping you compile the documents required for the Singapore PR application, you can count on us to walk you through the entire process.

Are you eligible to apply as a permanent resident? Here are the Singapore PR eligibility based on ICA:

  • The applicant must be a spouse of either a permanent resident or a Singapore citizen.
  • The applicant is an unmarried child of Singapore citizen or PR parents through legal marriage or adoption.
  • The applicant is an aged parent of a Singapore citizen.
  • He/She must be a student studying in Singapore.
  • Or a holder of S-pass or Employment Pass
  • and/or a Foreign Investor in Singapore


One of the most important tasks involved in PR applications is to compile all the necessary documents as well as supporting documents before submitting the application. This will lessen the chances of rejection and can make the process easier. Here are the Singapore PR requirements for those who want to apply for Permanent Resident in Singapore should know about:


It is crucial to note that fees are among the important PR requirements. Upon application, you will have to pay a non-refundable processing fee worth S$100. This is payable through VISA/Mastercard, Credit, Debit card, Internet Direct Debit, American Express Credit Card, and through PayNow.

After a successful application, you will need to pay the following fees:

  • S$20 Entry Permit
  • S$50 5-year Reentry Permit
  • S$50 Identification Card
  • S$30 Entry Visa


Does your case correspond to the Singapore PR eligibility? Get the help of our immigration experts towards your way to becoming a permanent resident!


  • Go to ICA website and download the PR checklist.
  • Look at the checklist carefully from A1 to A12.
  • Download and look at Form 4A, Page 3, last box.
  • ICA requires Professional Memberships, Clubs, Associations, Religion Groups and Other Organisations
  • Noticed that why didn’t they ask for it in the checklist? There you go!


In some cases, It’s not about what you have submitted according to the checklist. Many or most of our APPROVED clients have submitted as many as 30 supplementary documents in their application that are not stated under the mandatory checklist.

Highest Approvals

Check out our APPROVALS!!!

Family Ties

Family Member or Spouse is a Singaporean or Singapore PR.

Professional Integration

This is a requirement stated in the FORM 4A.

Professional Contribution

This is different from the above Professional Integration.

Approval Factors before considering one’s PR

Other critical areas that we need to work on your PR application are…

  • Social Integration (Grouping)
  • Social Contribution A (Coherence Option)
  • Social Contribution B (Coherence Option)
  • Social Contribution C (Coherence Option)
  • Social Contribution D (Coherence Option)
  • Corporate Testament (First Classification)
  • Corporate Testament (Second Classification)
  • Corporate Testament (Third Classification)
  • Cultural Integration (Denomination)
  • Cultural Contribution (Denomination)
  • Heritage Integration (Categorization)
  • Heritage Contribution (Categorization)
  • Character Referencing (Third Classification)
  • Adaptability of Community Cover Letter (Word Count Bound)
  • Local Association/Organization Testament Credibility Referencing (First Stratification)
  • Reputation Referencing (Second Stratification)

The above extracted list is exclusive to Singapore immigration partners only

As you can see, submitting a PR is not just filling up a form. There are many areas and aspects that we look into to ensure that our clients have the highest approval rate. It’s all about attention to details!

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Are You That Foreign Talent That Singapore Is After?

Singapore, like rest of the world was much affected due to the pandemic. As a country with no natural resources, Singapore needs to attract foreign talents to tap onto their skills and expertise in related fields. This approach has helped to transform Singapore into a well-known global business hub with stable and robust economy.

However, recent travel curbs and job losses brought about by the coronavirus pandemic have pushed foreigners and expats from the global business hub with a sharp drop of 2%. Certain industries and sectors are in high demand and governments are going all out to retain these talents currently residing in Singapore as they will help to rebuild back Singapore’s economy.

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What You Know Is Only 10% Of What You Need In Your Application

Buying insurance and property, doing multiple donations and volunteering are things of the past to be done for your Singapore PR. As you can see above, there are up to 20 areas you have to work on to secure your quota. Can you keep up with the ever-changing requirements from ICA? Want to know what are the things you have been missing out in your PR application?

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