Assistance for Singapore PR/Citizenship

Global Investop Program (GIP)

The Global Investor Program (GIP) is designed for wealthy and successful entrepreneurs who are interested in obtaining Permanent Residency (PR) status through starting up a business or investing in Singapore. We will evaluate your profile, your eligibility for GIP and assist you with the entire application process with the Economic Development Board (EDB) Singapore.

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Why Live in Singapore as a PR?

One of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world

Centre of business and commerce Political Stability

Students near university building in Singapore - SGIP

World Class Education System

Singapore is renowned amongst developed countries for its education system. ‘Thinking Schools, Learning Nation’ which encourages creativity, innovation and lifelong learning has made Singapore education system world class.

HDB housing in Singapore - SGIP


Savings of up to 55% buyer’s stamp duty for property purchases with choices of properties under the Government’s control

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Access to excellent Government healthcare at subsidized rates
Advising clients on taxation in Singapore - SGIP

Modest Taxes

  • NO capital tax gains
  • NO inheritance taxes
  • Dividend and interest income exempt from personal income tax.
  • Property tax relatively low
  • Rental income taxed at one’s marginal tax rate
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Flexibility to live and enter Singapore freely

PRs get to enjoy the right to live in Singapore for the next 5 years and are allowed to exit and enter the country without restrictions or having to apply for separate a Singapore visa to travel or to work.

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Road to Citizenship

Being a PR is the only path to obtain a Singapore passport (apart from being born to a Singapore Citizen parent). One will be eligible to apply for Citizenship upon being a PR for at least 2 years.

Established Business Owners

  • You have more than 3 years of business track record;
  • Existing Company Turnover: Over S$200 million per annum;
  • Business Ownership: More than 30% shares if privately held; AND

Next Generation Business Owner

  • Business Ownership: > 30% shares or be the largest shareholder
  • Existing Company Turnover: S$500 million per annum;
  • Be part of the management team (e.g. C-suite / Board of Directors);

Founders of Fast Groeth Companies

  • Be the founder and one of the largest individual shareholders of a Company with Valuation of as least S$500 million
  • Your company must be invested into by reputable Venture Capital/Private Equity firms;

Family Office Principals

  • Track Record: Min.5 years of entrepreneurial, investment or management experience
  • Investible Asset: At least S$200 million.

** Additional Criterion for A,B,& C: Your company must be engaged in one or more of the industries listed in Annex B & Min. investment is 10 million SGD.

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