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In today’s highly competitive world, Efficiency and Speed are the keys. However, Quality of Work is equally crucial. Thus, getting informed guidance in preparing your application is one of the most important decisions you are possibly ever going to make. That is why getting the help from a reliable PR application agency is essential. Choosing the right partner who can assist you to build a robust plan of action and create the path to a successful application can bring you a step closer to becoming a permanent resident of Singapore.

At Singapore Immigration Partners, our professional responsibility consists of a high level of personalised, confidential and result oriented service. We are very hands-on in analysing and reviewing each profile of our clients. From preparation of all needed documents, vetting through the whole process and timely submission via ICA’s e-PR System. Thereby ensuring individuality and client’s confidence in their application for a successful Singapore PR application.

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Our Expertise

Our PR application agency brings more than 8 years of immigration consulting experience, specialising in providing assistance and personally serving individuals and companies, striving for a positive outcome for all immigration applications. With our years of expertise, we are confident of handling all kinds of profiles for their application for PR in Singapore. We can help you get a high chance of approval.

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Our Mission

As a professional firm, we believe that understanding our clients and guiding them through each step of their application process is one of the most important aspects of our teamwork methodology. We take pride in working together with our clients as a team, taking pro-active steps to provide a holistic solution towards their immigrations needs. 

Our team works diligently to ensure that you, the client are well informed of the latest information from Singapore government authorities. This combination of specialized knowledge and expert advice enables us to maintain a high approval rate of our client’s applications.

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Our Vision

Singapore Immigration Partners is a PR application agency that is committed to serving as a bridge between Singapore’s Immigration policies and prospective applicants. We provide quality services and application assistance to ensure that your application for PR will be worth all the efforts you put into it.

Be a Permanent Resident in Singapore

We want you to succeed with your Singapore PR application. Should you need help with documents, letter of intent or any other necessary inclusions, contact Singapore Immigration Partners today!