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Recommendation Letter: Is It Necessary For My PR Application?

Recommendation Letter Is It Necessary For My PR Application

As you go about preparing the documents for your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) application, you might be worried about missing out on any essential information. After all, any omission results in an automatic rejection. One document you might be pondering whether to include is a recommendation letter.

The good news is that a recommendation letter is not part of the Singapore PR requirements. Nonetheless, we recommend including it as a supporting document for your application. Many applicants underestimate the document’s importance and overlook it when submitting their PR applications. But this testimonial can improve your chances of getting approval significantly.

What is a recommendation letter?

Recommendation letters serve as proof of your character as an individual and showcase how your traits make you a fine addition as a Permanent Resident in Singapore. They are also a testimony to your work ethics, creditability, and crucially, social integration efforts.

Does this mean you should gather as many testimonials as you can? The answer is no. A good rule of thumb is to include one recommendation letters (maximum should be three) as part of your PR application. The testimonial should also be concise, within 1 page and of a certain number of wordcount to be ideal. Words that are lengthy with many pages is not recommended.

The content of the recommendation letter

The content of your recommendation letter and the message communicated to the immigration officer is crucial. The ICA generally look for the following information when reviewing a recommendation letter for a Singapore PR application:

  • The endorser’s relationship with you;
  • Your valuable attributes and character traits;
  • Any exceptional achievements or contributions you have made to your company or Singapore society;
  • How well you have integrated yourself into the community.

Many applicants have this misconception that using fancy language constitutes a good recommendation letter. Unfortunately, that is not the case. But we still recommend hiring a professional copywriter to draft your testimonial. At the end of the day, you will need a coherent recommendation letter to showcase your profile adequately.

You can ask your referee to draft an outline or template for the recommendation letter before bringing it to a professional copywriter. Your preferred copywriter should be someone who understands your profile. This way, they can craft a testimonial that adequately represents you while ensuring the content resonates with you and your endorser.

Whom can you approach for a recommendation letter?

Remember, the objective of a recommendation letter is to demonstrate to the immigration officer that you are a suitable candidate who can integrate seamlessly into the social fabric and add value to Singapore. Therefore, your endorser should be familiar with you and thoroughly understands your character. It is also essential that they comprehend the purpose of the recommendation letter.

1. Current/Past employer

Current-Past employer-PR application Singapore

If you wish to approach your employer to craft your testimonial, the letter should emphasise your achievement, skills, strengths, and ability to do your job. Your work performance is the most crucial criterion that will affect the success of your PR application since it relates to your behaviour on the job.

Hence, someone who demonstrates positive behaviour and work ethic have an advantage. The testimonial should also include how you get along with your colleagues and superiors – a sign of social integration – and how you have contributed to the progress of your company. 

2. Business partner/Client

Business partner-Client-PR application Singapore

What if you are the owner of your company? Whom can you approach for a recommendation? In this case, you can consider someone who knows you and is willing to vouch for you, like your business partner or client. In the letter, they should state the purpose of expressing their recommendation, their relationship with you, and highlight your most admirable qualities to enhance your PR application.

3. Colleague/Friend/Landlord/Neighbour

Colleague-Friend-Landlord-Neighbour-PR application Singapore

Your personal life is as vital as your accomplishments at work. It demonstrates how you have integrated into the community and how well you get on with the locals. Participating in community events or volunteering at local non-profit organisations are excellent ways to showcase your interest in Singapore culture. 

Asking a friend you met during one of these occasions or the one overseeing the volunteering event to draft a testimonial sharing their experience with you and why they think you deserve to be a Singapore PR can paint you in a positive light, thereby enhancing your chances of obtaining an approval for your PR application.

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To achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a Singapore PR, you must prepare well for your application. Part of your preparation should include obtaining a recommendation letter to enhance your PR application. Recommendation letters are an excellent reference point for your character and boost your chances, so ensure you submit a good testimonial.

If you are unsure how to submit the additional documents for your PR application, feel free to approach Singapore Immigration Partners. We can also assess your profile to determine if you fulfil the Singapore permanent resident eligibility criteria and assist you in filling out your application form to ensure it is 100% error-free, among other services. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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