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What Are The Benefits Of Singapore Citizenship?

What Are The Benefits Of Singapore Citizenship?

Are you successful with your Singapore PR application? In that case, congratulations are in order! But you might be wondering what is next after becoming a Singapore PR. Well, how about considering Singapore citizenship? In fact, there are various ways for a Singapore PR to qualify for full citizenship

Naturally, there are caveats that come with this decision. Nonetheless, if the chance does present itself, we recommend you consider this opportunity seriously. Yes! A Singapore PR status already offers numerous perks. However, the benefits of Singapore citizenship are much more substantial, especially if you plan on staying in the country for the long term. Let us share why you should consider Singapore citizenship.

Benefit #1: Ease of travel

Ease Of Travel Benefits Of Singapore Citizenship

The Singapore passport ranks among the most powerful passports globally, with Singaporeans enjoying liberal visa requirements. While Singaporeans are still required to apply for a visa for several countries, most notably Australia, India, and Russia, most of these countries generally do not top most people’s travel bucket lists. So if you wish to satiate your wanderlust, you might find it much easier to do so with a Singapore passport.

Benefit #2: Better housing benefits

Better Housing Benefits Of Singapore Citizenship

Singapore citizens have significant advantages over Singapore PRs and expats when purchasing a housing property in Singapore. Foreigners can only purchase private properties, such as condominiums, and require government approval to buy landed properties like bungalows. If they wish to acquire an Executive Condominium (EC), the property must be at least 10 years old. 

Those successful with their PR application can only purchase non-subsidised resale HDB flats from the open market. Moreover, they must be a Singapore PR for at least 3 years beforehand. Singapore PRs also face further restrictions, as they cannot rent out their entire flat or own an HDB flat and private property in Singapore or overseas simultaneously.

Lastly, Singapore PRs must fulfil the Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) and Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) quotas to purchase an HDB flat. And they do not enjoy any subsidy in the event of an HDB upgrading initiative. Instead, they must pay the full cost of upgrading.

Benefit #3: Lower education expenses

Lower Education Expenses Benefits Of Singapore Citizenship

As a meritocratic society, Singapore heavily emphasises its education system. As a result, it is not surprising that Singapore boasts one of the leading education systems worldwide. However, enrolling your child in a public school in Singapore is not cheap when you are an expat or a Singapore PR. 

In contrast, the children of Singapore citizens not only enjoy subsidised school fees but are also entitled to the Edusave scheme, which aims to help Singaporeans take advantage of educational opportunities. This is because the government believes every Singaporean child should have access to education regardless of their family’s financial situation. 

Benefit #4: More healthcare benefits and subsidised treatments

More Healthcare Benefits And Subsidised Treatments Benefits Of Singapore Citizenship

Many expats wish to obtain a successful Singapore PR application to enjoy subsidised medical treatments. However, the medical benefits of a Singapore PR pale in comparison to a Singapore citizen. As a full-fledged citizen, you will have access to a greater variety of medical grants and government funds to cover your medical expenses.

One such subsidy is MediShield Life, which helps Singaporeans with large hospital bills and selected costly outpatient treatments like chemotherapy and dialysis. You will also have access to Medifund, which is a grant that provides a safety net for patients facing financial difficulties with their medical bills even after tapping on other means of payment like MediSave and MediShield Life.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the benefits of becoming a Singapore citizen, the question that pops into your head will likely be: how can I apply for Singapore citizenship? Well, it all starts with a successful PR application. So if you have yet to get started on your application, do not hesitate to approach our PR application agency for assistance!

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