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How To Evaluate Your Chances Of Becoming A Singapore PR

How To Evaluate Your Chances Of Becoming A Singapore PR

Have you been considering a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) application for a few years but faced constant rejection? In that case, you may not meet one or more of the stringent parameters set by the Singapore government. However, given the Immigration Checkpoint Authority’s (ICA) obscure selection policy, it can be challenging to determine which criteria you fail to fulfill.

Understanding the PR situation in Singapore

PR application Understanding the PR situation in Singapore

The Singapore government intends to have approximately 30,000 new PRs yearly. This limit is intended to be effective till 2030. While this number appears promising, you should note that there are hundreds of thousands of applicants you must compete with yearly for the coveted PR status. 

With numerous candidates to sift through, it goes without saying that every applicant is scrutinised to the strictest of standards upheld by the ICA. As a result, it is not surprising for most applicants to face rejection. This is why we recommend working with a reliable PR application agency in Singapore to evaluate your chances of success to avoid wasting time and effort on a fruitless application.

Having worked with numerous expats regarding their PR applications, these consultants are familiar with the application process and whether you stand a good chance of gaining approval. But before you approach a PR application agency, it is wise for you to familiarise yourself with the evaluation criteria to know whether the time is ripe for your PR application.

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Evaluation criteria for Singapore PR applicants

PR application in Singapore Evaluation criteria for Singapore PR applicants

Unlike countries like Canada, which utilises a points-based system and has its scoring rubrics publicly available, the ICA assesses each candidate on a holistic basis. As such, it is challenging to pinpoint the area where you come up short. Nevertheless, you can glean the ICA’s evaluation criteria based on the information it requires in your PR application. Let us take a closer look at these crucial requirements.

1. Age

Naturally, your ability to contribute significantly to Singapore’s economy and society for a period of time plays a critical role in securing approval. So does this mean that younger candidates stand an edge? Perhaps. But older applicants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that may make them more desirable candidates. So your chances of success may depend on other factors.

2. Duration of stay

How long have you been in Singapore? If your stay or time of employment is brief, you will likely be rejected. Conversely, those who reside in Singapore long-term and have familiarised themselves with the local community and culture stand a better chance of success with their PR application.

3. Social integration

Building on the previous criterion of familiarising yourself with your local community and culture, the ICA also considers social integration as a critical factor in your PR application. Dedicating time and effort to volunteer work can showcase your desire to blend into our nation’s culture and norms, boosting your chances of obtaining approval.

4. Education

Given Singapore’s reputation as a meritocratic society, it is no surprise to learn that candidates who are academically proficient and possess professional skills and experience in their respective fields are highly sought after by the Singapore government.

5. Industry and employment

As the leading business hub in Southeast Asia, the Singapore government is always considering how to further the country’s economic progress. Candidates who find themselves in key employment sectors or possess expertise in such fields may have the X factor the ICA is seeking in a Singapore PR.

6. Income and economic contribution

There is a common misconception that the higher your salary, the higher your chances. We are here to clarify that this is not exactly true. It is all about your holistic contribution. At the end of the day, all manner of contribution counts. Your PR application may also be assessed based on your future earning potential and spending power in Singapore.

7. Kinship and family ties

Family is an essential value to the Singapore government. So if you have existing family and relatives who are Singapore PRs or Citizens, your PR application may be considered more favourably.

8. Special commendations

If you have accrued any special awards, commendations, and recognition, we recommend listing your achievements in a cover letter. You can use these accolades to spruce up your PR application to help you stand out from other applicants.

Why you should consult a PR application agency

Why you should consult a PR application agency

To understand your chances of success, you must intelligently benchmark your profile against the parameters we set out above. You should note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The key to a successful PR application lies in emphasising your strength and refining the other aspects you lack.

This is where a PR application agency can step in and offer the best advice and strategy to help you reach your goal of obtaining PR status. And having worked with numerous clients, the agency’s consultants are familiar with the evaluation criteria. They can let you know your chances of success before you apply for Singapore PR online.

If you seek an experienced PR application agency in Singapore, look no further than Singapore Immigration Partners. Our consultants will guide you in filling out your application and craft a compelling case to support your submission. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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