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Guide To Applying For Singapore PR Through The PTS Scheme

Expat living and working in Singapore

Regardless of how you slice it, Singapore is a world-class city to work, live, and play in. As a nation that boasts an open and strong economy, top-notch medical and housing infrastructure, and political stability, it is no wonder Singapore is one of the most attractive countries to relocate to for work.

After spending many years in Singapore, many expats even start considering their Permanent Resident (PR) application, hoping to extend their stay in the country indefinitely and enjoy the benefits reserved for Singapore citizens. This decision is welcomed by the government, with several schemes in place to allow foreigners to become Singapore PRs.

One of these policies is the Professional Technical and Skilled (PTS) Worker Scheme, which is the most common and popular route to the coveted PR status. Foreigners currently working in Singapore under an S Pass or Employment Pass or running a business under an EntrePass are eligible to file their PR application.

With that said, while the government does encourage expats to become Singapore PRs and help contribute to the nation’s economy, there are strict guidelines in place to filter suitable candidates. Even though the application process is straightforward and you meet the requirements, it is not uncommon to face rejection.

Therefore, we recommend paying careful attention to minimise any errors that can jeopardise the success of your application. And to improve your chances of obtaining approval, let us share a step-by-step guide to help you with your PR application through the PTS Scheme.

Step 1: Plan your PR application

Foreigner planning and researching for Singapore Permanent eligibility

As the adage goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Many expats dive head first into the application process without familiarising themselves with the Singapore Permanent Resident eligibility criteria, leading to a rejection. So if you plan on applying through the PTS Scheme, you should have a thorough understanding of the requirements. 

There are three prerequisites you must fulfil to qualify for the PTS Scheme:

  1. You are currently holding on to a Singapore employment pass – S Pass, EntrePass, or PEP holder.
  2. You must be working in Singapore at the time of your PR application.
  3. You have worked in Singapore for at least 6 months while holding on to your current work pass.

The final criterion is not explicitly stated in the requirements. But given that you are requested to submit 6 months’ salary slips from your employer as a supporting document, it is good to play it safe and heed this prerequisite. We advise keeping and preparing your salary slips beforehand to speed up your application process.

Step 2: Determine your approval chances

Determine your approval chances-PR application in Singapore

Do you qualify for the PTS Scheme? If the answer is yes, that is excellent news! However, meeting the criteria does not guarantee a successful PR application. You are competing with numerous ex-pats, all of whom probably fit the eligibility criteria too. There are also various other factors that the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) considers.

These include

  • Age
  • Community involvement
  • Duration of stay in Singapore
  • Educational background
  • Employment history
  • Family ties
  • Financial background

Working with a PR application agency in Singapore can help determine your approval chances and place you in a stronger position to become a PR. If your odds are slim, it is better to wait until there is a notable change in your circumstances (e.g. obtain a promotion or salary increment) before applying to avoid wasting your time and effort.

Step 3: Prepare and submit your documents

Preparation and submission of documents for Singapore PR

There is a set of documents required for your Singapore PR that you must submit as part of the application process. We have conveniently consolidated the list of documents here for your perusal.

Again, we will reiterate that your documents and submission should be error-free. The common mistakes we noticed include candidates filling in the wrong details, uploading the file in the incorrect format, or leaving non-English documents untranslated. Therefore, it is essential that you note and avoid these errors to prevent rejection.

Now that you understand the steps you should take to apply for PR through the PTS Scheme, you are undoubtedly excited to get started. However, you should not leave your application to chance! At Singapore Immigration Partners, our experienced team can provide you with a realistic evaluation of your chances and advise you on how to improve your success rate. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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