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Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Singapore PR Application

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As the leading financial hub of Southeast Asia and a nation that boasts sustained political stability and world-class education and healthcare facilities, it is unsurprising that Singapore is often the ideal destination for expatriates seeking a new country to call home. This popularity is evident by the almost 100,000 Permanent Residence (PR) applications the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) receives yearly.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Singapore has reduced its acceptance rate of Permanent Residents to about 30,000 annually, leading to an increasing number of PR rejections. To further complicate matters, newly granted permanent residents are expected to participate in The PR E-Learning Journey beginning in 2024. Participants must complete the module within 2 months from the date of issue of their In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter and before booking an appointment to complete the PR formalities with ICA.

To complete this programme, participants are required to read a 46-page guidebook called “Welcome to Singapore: A Guide for New Permanent Residents” before attempting an online quiz via FormSG. The test features 40 questions divided into three main chapters, and applicants must score at least 80% to pass the quiz. Failure to complete or pass the test could affect the PR application. 

So, as you can see, the process required to secure PR status is not a straightforward task for expatriates looking to lay down roots in the country. However, do not be discouraged! With a well-planned approach and attention to detail, you can stand out from the crowd and enhance your chances of a successful PR application. Let us share how.

Tip #1: Secure gainful employment before applying for PR

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The Singapore government places a premium on individuals who contribute to its economy through employment and tax contributions. Securing a job and maintaining a stable employment track record will allow you to showcase your professional achievements and contributions to Singapore in your PR application, enhancing your value as a potential PR candidate. 

Tip #2: Stay in Singapore for at least 2 years before applying for PR

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In their haste to become a Singapore PR, many expatriates eagerly submit their applications once they realise they fulfil the PR criteria. Unfortunately, this often results in a swift PR rejection. Why is this the case? As a multi-racial, multilingual, and multi-religious society where everyone lives harmoniously together, it is critical for applicants to demonstrate that they can accommodate and blend into our diverse community when residing here.

So, if you have only been in Singapore for a short period of time, you are unlikely to establish a meaningful connection with the country. As such, we often recommend that expatriates stay in Singapore for at least 2 years before considering applying for PR. This duration will provide you with ample time to assimilate into the local community and familiarise yourself with the nation’s culture, customs, and societal norms, which are essential aspects evaluated during the PR assessment process.

Tip #3: Consider applying for PR as a family

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Family ties and stability are tenets highly valued by the Singapore government. As such, it stands to reason that applying as a cohesive family unit can help strengthen your PR application. Doing so demonstrates your commitment to laying down roots in the country, further boosting your approval chances.

Tip #4: Gather all the necessary documents before applying for PR

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As part of your PR application, you must submit a list of supporting documentation, including a passport-sized photograph, education certificates and transcripts, travel and immigration passes, current employment records, and identification documents. Missing out on even a single item can result in an automatic rejection.

However, once you begin the online application process, you are only given 7 days to submit everything. So, give yourself sufficient time to compile the essential documents beforehand. You can use our handy list of documents required for Singapore PR as a reference to ensure you do not miss out on anything. 

Tip #5: Hire a PR application agency

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While an applicant can apply for Singapore PR without assistance, many often engage a PR application agency to enhance the likelihood of approval. Having assisted numerous expatriates with their PR application, these consultants possess vast experience in helping you navigate the intricacies of applying for PR. They can also address any query you may have about the process.

Furthermore, a PR consultant can help ease the administrative burden required for a PR application, saving you time and hassle. With their professional advice, you can boost your profile and ensure you avoid errors in your submission, elevating your chances of success.

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We understand that applying for Singapore PR can be arduous and taxing. So, we hope what we shared can help you take a step closer to achieving your dream of becoming a Singapore PR. If you need assistance with your PR application, our team at Singapore Immigration Partners will be delighted to provide guidance to increase your chances of success. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our consultants today.

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