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Appealing Your PR Rejection: How To Craft An Effective PR Appeal Letter

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Have you received your Singapore PR rejection letter? While this news is an unwelcome one, don’t give up hope just yet. You still have two options available to you.

You can either:

  • Wait at least six months (cooldown period) before applying again, or
  • Prepare an appeal letter to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

If you believe you have a strong chance of overturning the decision and wish to appeal your case, we are here to help! Let us share how to craft an effective PR appeal letter to bolster your chances of gaining approval.

What Is A PR Appeal Letter?

When your Singapore PR application is denied, you can file an appeal to convince the immigration officers to change their minds. So, you might want to consider preparing your appeal letter if you believe you have grounds to justify why ICA should reconsider your case.

However, it is essential to note that you can only submit a PR appeal once per rejected application, and it must be filed within six months from the date of your rejection letter. Moreover, it does not always guarantee a positive outcome.

Therefore, we recommend assessing your options and situation before proceeding with your appeal. In fact, we generally recommend pursuing a PR appeal only if there are significant changes and improvements in your profile during the waiting period.  

How To Craft An Effective Appeal Letter

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The objective of an effective appeal letter is to highlight the significant changes in your life since your initial PR application. Examples include: 

  • A considerable salary increment, recent promotion, or notable achievement at work
  • Being newly married or welcoming a baby (as it shows your commitment to laying down roots in Singapore)
  • Substantial contributions to Singapore society

In addition, your letter must present a convincing argument as to why your profile is more suitable for Singapore PR approval with these latest changes. Beyond that, we recommend taking note of the following tips.

Tip #1: Don’t Use A Template

Have you received your fair share of generic replies from various businesses? Does it sound hollow and repetitive? Then, you will understand why you should refrain from using a template as a foundation for your PR appeal letter. The last thing you want is to appear insincere and fail to convey your profile strength effectively.

Tip #2: Appeal With Reasons

Do not appeal for the sake of it. All applications for PR are carefully considered and reviewed by ICA. Factors such as the applicant’s family ties to Singaporeans, economic contributions, length of residency in Singapore, ability to contribute to and integrate into Singapore, and commitment to sinking roots in Singapore are considered, among other factors.

Please note that the outcome of the appeal will remain the same if there are no changes to your circumstances, and if the same information or documents are submitted.

Tip #3: Ensure All Details Are Correct And There Is No Spelling Error

Ensure All Details Are Correct And There Is No Spelling Error

Numerous PR appeal cases are often rejected due to spelling errors and incorrect document details. So, carefully examine your appeal letter and relevant supporting documents for any omissions or mistakes before submitting them. In particular, you should ensure you follow the correct Singapore PR appeal letter format.

Tip #4: Avoid Being Generic 

Many applicants often make the common mistake of over-emphasising Singapore’s attractiveness in their PR appeal, highlighting its excellent healthcare, social and political stability, security, and education system as reasons why they should be reconsidered for PR. 

The issue with such an appeal is that the ICA receives thousands of similar appeals yearly. Remember, the objective of your letter is to focus on what makes you a standout candidate for PR and how you can be a valuable asset to the nation in the long term.

Tip #5: Write With Clear Intent

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Lastly, we recommend writing with clear intent, detailing why your PR rejection was unwarranted and why your case should be reconsidered. Your appeal is not the only case the ICA officers have to review. So, instead of beating about the bush, you want to be direct and concise in highlighting the significant changes you have made to present yourself as a better candidate for Singapore PR.

We understand that it can be frustrating to receive a PR rejection, especially after the time and effort you spent crafting your application. In this instance, you might naturally be eager to file an appeal immediately. However, without understanding why your submission was denied in the first place, it is likely that you may face another rejection, especially when ICA never reveals the reason for declining the application in the first place.

Fortunately, we are here to help! Our consultants can assess your profile and provide insights on your PR rejection based on the rejection letter you received from ICA. Subsequently, we can advise you on the best decision forward – whether to file a PR appeal or start preparing a new application in six months’ time. Contact our PR agency to schedule an appointment with our consultants today.

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