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Why Singapore Is An Excellent Place To Stay For Expats

Why Singapore Is An Excellent Place To Stay For Expats

Singapore has often been one of the most popular destinations for those looking to move abroad to live the expatriate lifestyle. In fact, Singapore was named in the top 10 cities offering the best life abroad by InterNations Expat Insider 2022. So what is it about the Lion City that is so appealing? Let us explore why Singapore remains attractive to expats.

Reason #1: Robust economy

central business district of Singapore-PR application Singapore

Our little red dot has consistently punched above its weight in the global economy, paving itself to be one of the leading financial hubs in Southeast Asia and the world. This effort is thanks to the government’s sound financial policies, which have attracted various multinational corporations to leverage and invest their businesses in Singapore, resulting in a diversified economy with a growing service sector, as well as robust manufacturing and digital-driven industries.

Singapore is also one of the easiest places to start a business, with transparent regulations and attractive tax policies fostering a business-friendly environment for startups and conglomerates alike. This has, in turn, paved the way for a high level of employment, as companies look to attract top-class talents to oversee their operations in the region. 

Additionally, with the country facing an ageing population, the government has had to look abroad to mitigate the impact on the country’s world-class workforce. As a result, Singapore has maintained an open-door policy for expats looking for career advancement abroad. And after working and living in Singapore for a few years, many expats have even submitted their Permanent Resident (PR) application as they seek to lay down roots in the country.

Reason #2: Excellent transport infrastructure

public transport system in singapore-PR application Singapore

Of course, Singapore’s tiny land mass (estimated to be approximately 50 kilometres long from end to end) makes it easier for citizens and permanent residents to travel around. Nevertheless, travelling is made all the more convenient thanks to the country’s excellent, interconnected transport infrastructure. Our train system boasts 157 stations (and counting) situated across the island. And that is not counting the over 300 bus services or the various cabs and private-hire car companies available islandwide.

Reason #3: World-class medical amenities

National University Hospital in Singapore-PR application Singapore

With world-class medical facilities, including public, private, and community hospitals, as well as national speciality centres, expats do not have to worry about being denied access to first-class medical treatment. However, such treatments tend to be more expensive for those who are not Singapore citizens or permanent residents. As such, it is not surprising to learn that many expats consider applying for PR to enjoy these healthcare amenities at a discounted rate.

Reason #4: Excellent education system

Ministry of Education in Singapore-PR application Singapore

In addition to its world-class medical amenities, Singapore boasts one of the best public education systems in the world. In particular, students in Singapore excel in the fields of Math and Science. This is thanks to a highly-structured curriculum that incorporates inclusive teaching methodologies, transforming Singapore’s education system into the envy of many.

As many expats uproot their families when moving abroad, it is unsurprising that they will consider their children’s education as a crucial factor when deciding to relocate to Singapore. However, the public schools in Singapore tend to prioritise citizens and permanent residents during the application phase. As a result, expats planning to stay long-term in the country will often consider applying for PR to give their children the best chances of enrolling in a reputable school.

Reason #5: Safety

Safety-applying for PR

Singapore boasts one of the lowest crime rates globally thanks to the strict enforcement of its laws. And with surveillance cameras installed throughout the city to monitor crime, expats can rest easy knowing they can walk around at night without fear of being robbed. They also do not have to worry about natural disasters, as Singapore is not situated on a plate boundary. Therefore, the nation is not prone to earthquakes.

Given what we shared, it becomes obvious why Singapore is such an attractive location for expats to migrate to and settle down. If you are convinced to relocate to Singapore and wish to lay down roots in the country, we recommend becoming a Singapore PR to enjoy the full benefits of living on this beautiful, sunny island.

If you are unsure how to apply for Singapore PR, do not hesitate to approach our PR application agency for assistance. Our team has assisted various candidates from different backgrounds with their successful PR applications. As such, you can rest assured that you will receive informative and relevant advice, thus improving your chances of success. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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