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How To Qualify For An S Pass To Apply For Singapore PR

How To Qualify For An S Pass To Apply For Singapore PR

As one of the leading financial hubs in Asia and a country boasting political stability and world-class amenities, it is unsurprising that Singapore is an attractive work destination for expatriates globally. In fact, the city-state issues various types of work passes and permits, depending on your qualifications and occupation.

If you are a middle-skill professional seeking a brand-new career opportunity in Singapore, the S Pass offers a viable work visa option for you! Possessing an S Pass also allows you to fulfil one of the requirements for becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) should you intend to lay down roots in the country. Let us share how you can qualify for an S Pass.

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Who is eligible for an S Pass in Singapore?

Who is eligible for an S Pass in Singapore?

To meet the requirements for an S Pass, you must satisfy specific criteria. Here are the essential qualifications you must fulfil.

1. Middle-skill professional

The S Pass is aimed at working professionals who hold mid-skilled positions. Examples of such careers include accountants, analysts, journalists, and technicians. You must possess relevant work experience and skills in your chosen field of profession.

2. Minimum salary requirement

S Pass applicants must earn a minimum monthly salary of S$3,150. Please note that the salary threshold increases progressively from age 23, with a cap of S$4,650 at age 45 and above. 

Meanwhile, those in the financial industry must meet a higher salary threshold of S$3,500. Similarly, the limit increases with age from age 23, with a cap of S$5,500 at age 45 and above.

Lastly, there are further changes to the S Pass qualifying salary starting 1 Sep 2025, with the margin increasing to S$3,300 and S$3,800, respectively. Although, the exact figures have yet to be finalised by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

3. Education qualifications

Similar to a Singapore PR application, your educational qualifications are essential for your S Pass application. You must possess the relevant diploma or degree demonstrating your education level and expertise in your chosen field. Technical certificates are also accepted, provided the course lasts at least a year.

What are the documents needed for an S Pass application?

What are the documents needed for an S Pass application?

While your employer or appointed employment agency will apply for an S Pass on your behalf, you must still provide them with the essential supporting documents for your application. Here is a list of the necessary documents.

1. Passport details

Like a Singapore PR application, your details, such as your name, date of birth, and nationality, are essential for your S Pass application. As such, you need to prepare copies of the personal particular pages of your passport.

2. Educational certificates

Please include copies of your educational certificates, such as your diploma, degree, or any relevant technical/specialist qualifications, as part of the submission to your employer. These documents serve as evidence of your educational background.

3. Transcripts

If you obtained your qualifications from India, please provide a set of transcripts indicating the university or educational institution you attended. These transcripts are meant to validate the institute’s credibility.

4. Diploma or degree verification

Meanwhile, applicants with qualifications from China must provide proof of their diploma or degree. Diploma holders must obtain and submit an online verification report validating the authenticity of their certificates from the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Centre (CHSI).

Conversely, degree holders will need to obtain an online verification from the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC). These processes are necessary to ensure the quality and authenticity of your academic achievements.

5. Explanation letter and supporting documents

In the event that the name on your passport does not match the information on the other documents you submitted, you must provide an explanation letter, along with supporting documents, detailing the reason for the discrepancy.

The S Pass provides middle-skill expatriates an excellent opportunity to work in Singapore. Furthermore, it brings you one step closer to becoming a Singapore PR, as an S Pass is one of the Singapore PR eligibility criteria. So, if you have plans to apply for Singapore PR, work closely with your employer to ensure your S Pass application is successful.

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