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Advantages Of Applying Singapore PR For Your Parents

Advantages Of Applying Singapore PR For Your Parents

Have you gotten your Singapore citizenship? If the answer is yes, congratulations! Now that you are comfortably settled in on our sunny island, you might be wondering if it is time to bring your elderly parents over to stay with you in Singapore permanently. In that case, you should consider helping your parents apply for permanent resident status. 

Given the nation’s pro-family culture, your parents will stand a high chance of obtaining a successful Singapore permanent resident application. Once their applications are approved, they stand to enjoy the numerous perks that come with being a Singapore PR. Read on to learn what these benefits are. 

Advantage #1: Access to subsidies for quality healthcare services

Access to subsidies for quality healthcare services apply permanent resident in Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its world-class healthcare sector. However, its healthcare services do not come cheap. To ensure its citizens can access quality medical care without breaking the bank, the Singapore government has introduced various subsidies and schemes to the public. 

Unfortunately, these initiatives are only available to Singapore citizens and permanent residents. So if you want your parents to enjoy the same benefits, you should help them with their PR applications now. Some of the medical schemes your parents will have access to include Medisave and Medishield Life. 

While your parents may not have a sizeable sum in their Medisave accounts since they did not work in Singapore for the majority of their lives, you do as a Singapore citizen! You can use the funds in your Medisave account to pay for your parents’ medical bills. Likewise, your children can tap into their Medisave funds to offset the expenses if necessary.

In addition to Medisave, your parents are eligible for Medishield Life. This scheme can be used to offset their hospital bills for life, regardless of their age or medical condition. If they require additional coverage, they can purchase an Integrated Shield Plan from an insurance company in Singapore.

Advantage #2: Low crime rates in Singapore

Naturally, your parents’ safety and well-being are your utmost priorities as a filial child. Therefore, you will want them to live in a safe country with a low crime rate. And aside from its world-class medical facilities, Singapore is also known as one of the safest countries globally

However, your parents can only stay in Singapore for a duration of 2 years with a Long-Term Visit Pass. Of course, you can renew the pass if necessary. But this is still an additional task on your to-do list. Furthermore, the application still needs to be approved and processed. 

Conversely, your parents face no such limitations as a Singapore PR. They can stay with you in Singapore indefinitely. So if you plan on having your parents reside in Singapore permanently, it is wise to begin their Singapore permanent resident application immediately.

Advantage #3: Opportunities for lifelong learning

Opportunities for lifelong learning apply permanent resident in Singapore

The Singapore government has recognised that many elderlies wish to remain active when they reach their golden years. As a result, the government has introduced several measures to provide the elderly population in Singapore with an opportunity to pick up new skills and remain employable if they wish to continue working well after their retirement age. 

If your parents share similar sentiments, then Singapore is the ideal place for them to reside long-term. Once their PR applications are approved, they are eligible for subsidies on select SkillsFuture-approved courses, making these programmes more affordable and accessible for your parents.

Advantage #4: Eligible for the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)

Those in their thirties and forties are frequently described as the sandwich generation. They are caught in the middle between providing for their children and supporting their elderly parents. If you are reading this, you likely fall into this category too. 

While this is less of a concern if your parents are still working or have their own source of income, it is still wise for them to set aside their savings for a rainy day. This is where the SRS come into play. This initiative is a voluntary scheme available to Singapore citizens and permanent residents to help them accumulate enough savings for their retirement. If your parents are still working, this is a worthy investment for them.

It functions similarly to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) scheme. You can think of it as a top-up to one’s CPF account. Contributing to this account even grants you tax relief! So it is advisable to help your parents apply for permanent resident in Singapore so that they can gain access to this scheme and start planning for their retirement.

Advantage #5: Elderly-friendly environment

Elderly-friendly environment apply permanent resident in Singapore

Singapore is facing an ageing population. With this issue in mind, the Singapore government is working towards developing a more elderly-friendly environment for its residents. These efforts ensure Singaporeans can live in a convenient, secure environment even in their golden years. 

One initiative the government has implemented is the Enhancement for Active Seniors programme (EASE). This programme offers Singapore citizens the opportunity to transform their homes into a more elderly-friendly place at a subsidised rate. You can qualify for this programme if you are a Singapore citizen with an elderly living in your place of residence.

While your parents need not apply as a permanent resident in Singapore to qualify for the programme, we would still advise you to go ahead with their applications. Since you are planning on letting your parents stay with you for the long term, a Singapore PR status can grant them access to a host of other benefits!

Now that you have gotten your citizenship, you likely plan to reside in Singapore for the long term. In that case, you should definitely consider applying for permanent residence in Singapore for your parents too. And it is easy to see why given the numerous benefits they stand to gain from becoming a Singapore PR.

We recommend working with a reliable PR application agency in Singapore if you want to ensure a smooth Singapore permanent resident application. At Singapore Immigration Partners, we possess years of experience helping expatriates with their PR applications. As a result, we are familiar with the process of securing a successful approval. Do not hesitate to contact us today if your parents require our help to apply for Singapore PR online.

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