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The Process Of Applying For Singapore Citizenship

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Although you can enjoy many benefits as a Singapore Permanent Resident, being a resident of Singapore grants you full rights, access, and priority for healthcare, housing, and education. In order to qualify for Singapore citizenship, the applicant must meet certain requirements and undergo a rigorous selection process. 

The Requirements For Becoming A Citizen Of Singapore


The Requirements For Becoming A Citizen Of Singapore


Apart from having to be a Singapore Permanent Resident for two years, there are other specific requirements that you must meet to obtain Singapore citizenship: 

  • You have been a Singapore Permanent Resident for at least two years and are 21 years of age or older. If that’s the case, you are also eligible to apply with your spouse and unmarried children under 21. 
  • You have been a Singapore Permanent Resident and married a Singapore citizen for at least two years.
  • You are below 21 years old and are unmarried, and have at least one Singaporean parent.
  • You are a Singapore Permanent Resident studying in Singapore and have lived in the country for more than three years (of which, at least one year as a Permanent Resident); and have passed at least one national exam such as PSLE, GCE ‘N’/‘O’/‘A’ levels, or are in the Integrated Programme (IP).
  • You are a Singapore Permanent Resident and the parent of a Singapore citizen.


*ICA considers children born into legal marriages or adopted legally. 

In deciding your application for citizenship, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) also takes into account other factors such as your family ties to Singaporeans, your qualifications, your age, and your social and economic contributions. 

As soon as you fulfil the specified requirements, you can apply for Singapore citizenship. Read on as we outline the application process with you. 

Application Process


PR Application Process


Singapore citizenship applications can be submitted directly to the ICA through its online portal. Alternatively, you can also opt to seek the professional assistance of our PR application agency for help with your application and to improve your chances of approval. We specialise in helping foreign clients apply for PR, the permanent residency status is ultimately the gateway to Singapore citizenship – so you can place your trust in our expertise and knowing what ICA is seeking in prospective Singapore citizens.

Here are the steps for applying for Singapore citizenship:

1. Prepare all necessary documents

Whether you’re an older parent or child, each applicant will need their own set of documents. Apart from the basic documents listed on the ICA website, such as your Passport, National ID, and Birth Certificate, you will need other important documents that the Singapore government will check to support your profile and improve your chances of approval. It is therefore advisable to seek professional assistance from our PR application agency for more information on the specific documentation you will need to provide.

2. Fill out your online application 

The majority of applicants will fill out their applications first. However, our industry experts often advise applicants to gather all their supporting documents first. Due to the time limit for submitting your necessary documentation during your application period, you should ensure that everything is in order and that nothing is left out. 

When applying for Singapore citizenship, preparation is paramount. When you opt to get help from our PR application agency, you’ll be able to enjoy a hassle-free application process without having to fret about leaving out crucial details.

3. Upload supporting documents

Once you have filled out the online forms, you will be required to upload all the supporting documents you have already prepared. Be sure that the information you provided is true and accurate before submitting payment.

4. Application results

It may take between six and twelve months to receive results from the submission of your application. If your Singapore citizenship application is approved, a letter will be mailed to your registered address. During this time, you may log on to ICA’s online application, MyICA, to check on the status of your application. Please note that the length of time it takes for your application to be approved is determined by the complexity of your application.

5. Register for Singapore Citizenship Journey 


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Upon receiving your letter of approval, you will be invited to attend a Singapore Citizenship Journey. The journey consists of three parts: the Singapore Experiential Tour, the Community Sharing Session, and the online e-journey. 

It is advisable to schedule a time to attend the experiential tour and community sharing session to get the process moving. On this tour, you will visit some of the most prominent historical sites in Singapore and learn about their development. On the other hand, the sharing session will be held at your local community centre so you can become acquainted with people in your neighbourhood. 

6. Give up your foreign citizenship 

Foreign citizenship must be renounced by all individuals over 21 years old. The requirements for renouncing citizenship differ by country, so it is best to verify your country’s specific requirements before making any arrangements.

7. Register for Singapore citizenship

Applying For Singapore Citizenship

The ICA will notify you once you have renounced your foreign citizenship to apply for Singapore citizenship. Be sure to bring a copy of your renunciation letter and your passport with you when you visit the ICA’s office. Registration for your pink NRIC and passport will take place during the appointment. Afterwards, you must take the oath of loyalty to the country. 


Applying Permanent Resident or Singapore Citizenship


Overall, with so many factors to consider, the application process may seem a little overwhelming. In any case, a PR application agency like Singapore Immigration Partners can ease your mind by ensuring a smooth application process. 

Singapore Immigration Partners is a reputable immigration consultancy in Singapore, providing professional guidance on how to attain permanent residence or citizenship. Find out how we can help you by contacting us today! 

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