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Applying for Singapore PR: Why did my Singapore PR get rejected?

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In addition to being one of the top financial centers in Asia, Singapore’s high quality of life and political stability are among the reasons why so many foreigners gravitate to it. Most foreigners who have lived in Singapore for a significant period of time can apply to become Permanent Residents (PR). However, despite the large number of applications submitted each year, only 10% make it past the rigorous selection process, with PRs in the country making up only 12% of the total population in 2020. 

As a result of Singapore’s tightening of immigration laws in late 2009, this rigorous selection was implemented in an effort to control the number of quality immigrants settling in the city. According to The Straits Times Singapore, Miss Indranee, who is head of the National Population and Talent Division, stressed that citizenship and PR status are offered based on candidates who are not only committed to making Singapore their home, but can also integrate and contribute to the country. 

If your Singapore PR application has been rejected, it is advisable to re-apply. Re-applying should not be taken lightly as your chances of being selected are greatly reduced if your application for PR is rejected again. We will explore why your Singapore PR application is rejected, and what you can do differently to improve the chances of your re-application being accepted.

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Why Was My Singapore PR Application rejected?

Those who have consistently had their Singapore PR applications rejected may be familiar with the rejection letters sent out by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). In these letters, ICA never reveals the reason for the rejection. Because of this, it is recommended that you send your rejection letters to our PR application agency so that our team of specialists can interpret what could have gone wrong before you re-apply. 

How Does It Work?

Using the rejection letter sent by ICA, our consultants will be able to provide you with an in-depth analysis of your rejection. We will then assess your profile based on the current immigration situation, profile demands, quota, and latest policy changes from the ICA to advise you on the next steps to re-apply. 

Singapore PR Application Rejection Letter Templates & Possible Reasons For Rejection

There are a total of 10 Singapore PR application rejection letters issued by the ICA, with each letter representing various reasons for rejection. Read on as we uncover three rejection letters received by our previous clients, which we have successfully handled and helped them obtain Singapore PR statuses.

Template 1:

rejected pr application template

In the event that you receive a rejection letter like the one above, below are some reasons why you may be rejected:  

  • Insufficient personal or professional contributions
  • Education qualification documents are in the wrong format or do not comply with ICA requirements, or are not listed in the dropdown list of the form
  • Insufficient personal or professional integration
  • Insufficient or incorrect supporting documents submitted
  • Form fields and required documents are incomplete or missing

Template 2:

rejected pr application template 2

In the event that you receive a rejection letter like the one above, below are some reasons why you may be rejected:  

  • The current documents submitted or profile do not align with ICA’s requirements
  • Absence of personal or professional contributions 
  • Absence of personal or professional integration
  • Insufficient supporting documents submitted
  • Incomplete or missing required documents
  • ICA has stated in their letter that the next submission needs to be appropriately timed after a change in circumstance and changes to documentation

Template 3:

rejected pr application template 3

In the event that you receive a rejection letter like the one above, below are some reasons why you may be rejected:  

  • The current documents and profile may not meet ICA’s requirements
  • The contributions and integration have not been consistent in certain areas
  • Lack of relevant knowledge and skills about your own market or industry

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Submit An Appeal Or Re-Apply With Singapore Immigration Partners

Nevertheless, it is important to note that Singapore Immigration Partners does not represent or speak on behalf of, or for ICA and their reasons for rejection. 

The above-listed reasons for rejection are some of the statistics that we have compiled over the past few years and have been successful in helping most of our clients obtain their PRs after fine-tuning and changing their documents before submission. 

To ensure the accuracy of the reason behind the rejection of your Singapore PR application, it is strongly advisable that you show our consultant the documents you have previously submitted. This will enable our consultant to pinpoint what specific areas of your Singapore PR application need improvement. Some rejections can be attributed to other factors such as over-submitting irrelevant documents, profiles, competency gaps, and areas of demand and quota. To learn more about the different rejection letter templates, visit our website.

Upon reviewing your rejection letters, our consultant will advise you on whether you can appeal your rejection or re-apply for Singapore PR. By doing so, we can ensure that your next Singapore PR application stands a better chance of getting approved. Contact us today to discover why your Singapore PR application has been rejected.

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