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4 Possible Reasons For Your Singapore PR Rejection

4 Possible Reasons For Your Singapore PR Rejection

With its high quality of life, robust economy, and political stability, it is unsurprising why many expatriates would want to make Singapore their permanent home. However, the process of applying for the city-state’s permanent residency (PR) can be challenging. With hundreds of thousands of applicants yearly, it is common for many to receive their PR rejection letter.

This result can understandably leave many applicants, including yourself, feeling disheartened. And it is all the more frustrating because the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) does not disclose the explanations for the PR rejection, leaving many feeling lost and unsure of how to proceed. 

At Singapore Immigration Partners, we understand this all too well, having assisted numerous expats with their PR appeals. So let us compile the possible explanations for your PR rejection so that you can avoid making the same mistake during your next application.

Reason #1: Insufficient proof of social integration

Insufficient proof of social integration-Singapore PR requirement

As a multicultural society, Singapore prides itself on preserving harmony among its diverse races and religious groups. And everyone is expected to play their part, including expats! So even though social integration is not explicitly listed as a Singapore PR requirement, those who can blend seamlessly into their community stand a better chance of getting approval. 

So ask yourself this question: have you demonstrated enough to prove to the ICA that you have tried to blend into Singapore society? If the answer is no, you should buff up this aspect before your next application.

We recommend volunteering, as it is an excellent opportunity for you to work with various groups of people and understand the cultural differences in Singapore. By putting in the effort, you are demonstrating your commitment to assimilating into Singapore’s culture. Who knows? You may even form lasting friendships with other volunteers along the way!

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Reason #2: You do not fulfill the PR criteria

Sometimes, the most obvious explanation is the most likely reason for your PR rejection – you do not fulfill the requirements to be a Singapore PR. Many expats are so eager to become permanent residents that they might not realise they have yet to satisfy the PR criteria.

As a foreigner, you may be eligible to apply for PR if you meet the following requirements:

  • Spouse of a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident (PR);
  • Unmarried child aged below 21 years old, born within the context of a legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, a Singapore citizen or PR;
  • Aged parent of a Singapore citizen;
  • Holder of an Employment Pass or S Pass;
  • Student studying in Singapore;
  • Foreign investor in Singapore.

Even if you fulfil the above criteria, there is no guaranteed success. Remember, Singapore generally approves around 30,000 PR applications yearly. But you are competing with hundreds of thousands of applicants for the coveted PR status.

There may also be new policies introduced by the government that affect the eligibility criteria for Singapore PR. Therefore, you should consult a PR application agency, as their consultants keep abreast of the latest immigration policies and can advise you on the ideal approach to ensure you have the best chance of success. 

Reason #3: Missing documents or incorrect document format during submission

Missing documents or incorrect document format during submission-PR application

With numerous documents to prepare and submit, it is easy for some applicants to overlook a particular certificate or fill in the wrong detail for a form. Unfortunately, there is no room for error during a PR application, as the reviewing standards are stringent.

Any document that does not meet the criteria will result in an automatic disqualification. Therefore, it is essential to vet every documentation before submission and ensure your list tallies with the requirements listed by the ICA. Additionally, all mandatory documents must be scanned and produced in high quality and the correct format.

Reason #4: Gaps in qualification and skills

Even though such requirements are not listed as part of the criteria for becoming a PR, the ICA does factor your educational background, job status, and contribution to the local economy into consideration.

With an ageing population, Singapore requires foreign talents to help contribute to the nation’s economic growth. As such, the authorities are more concerned with applicants who possess skills that are in high demand or have the necessary expertise to grow a niche industry. 

So those with the relevant qualifications may have the advantage when they apply for Singapore PR. Therefore, you may want to research the desirable skillsets the government seeks and look to upskill yourself before your next PR application to stand out from the crowd.

If you remain unsure of why your application is rejected, fret not. We are here to help! At Singapore Immigration Partners, we can help analyse and assess your profile to determine the possible cause of rejection. Subsequently, our consultants can advise you on the most suitable path forward – whether to file a PR appeal or wait to submit a new application – to ensure you have the best chance of securing PR status. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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