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Client's Testimonial

Mr Gupta & Family

APPROVED in 13 months
Mumbai, India
Vice President

“I came across Singapore Immigration Partners while searching for some experts to help me with my Singapore PR.

Knowing that everyone around me is getting rejected so i decided to engage a trustworthy and professional firm to help me in my application.

I’m glad that i’ve picked Singapore Immigration Partners as they were giving me really useful advise and tips on how i can improve on my profile during the entire process.

They were efficient in answering my queries and very knowledgable about the rules and policies that we needed to work on to get my PR.

I’m glad to have gotten my family’s and my PR approved on the first attempt.”

Ms Poorvabhadra & Family

APPROVED in 12 months
Chennai, India

“I tried many times applying PR myself but every time it was rejected.

My cousin advised me to find a company to help me in my application and I got in touch with Singapore Immigration Partners.

They were very professional and guided me through the entire process. Finally my application was approved after 1 year.

Thank you Singapore Immigration Partners for making my family’s dream come true.”

Mr Ahmed & Wife

APPROVED in 10 months
Khulna, Bangladesh
Site Supervisor

“I tried to apply 3 times it was rejected. My friend recommend me to come to Singapore Immigration Partners for my Singapore PR.

They were very professional and helpful. The specialist were very detailed in their work and patient in explaining on the things i can do to make my application better. I’m glad to have come to Singapore Immigration Partners for my PR.”

Ms Wang

APPROVED in 7 months
Wuxi, China
Marketing Executive

“Most of my friends got their PR rejected and i do not wish to try on my own.

I heard from my friends about Singapore Immigration Partners and i thought that it will be good to seek professional help for my PR.

I’m glad i did as i’m very please with their service. Will definitely recommend to my friends.”

Mr Leong & Family

APPROVED in 5 months
Penang, Malaysia
Business Development Director

“I know applying Singapore PR is getting tough and a lot of my colleagues got their PR rejected.

I do not wish to apply on my own and decided to seek the best firm to help me in my PR. My family and I got our PR through Singapore Immigration Partners within 5 months after submission.

This is definitely the best decision i made in my life!”

Mr Dhuvith Reddy’s family

APPROVED in 14 months
Hyderabad, India - PR for 8 years

“ I got my PR in 2008 and i got married in 2010. I tried to apply PR for my wife and kids every year but every time it was rejected.

My friend who also gotten PR from Singapore Immigration Partners asked me to seek help from them.

I’m very happy with their service and i’m thankful for their guidance and help. My kids love Singapore and they have finally gotten their PR.

Thank you Singapore Immigration Partners.”

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